Good/Bad Movies In The Last Six Months

Monday, May 07, 2007 at 10:40 p.m.
An overview of films seen in the last six months. Since the beginning of the year, I've only seen 12 films at the cinema.

Objective Rating/Subjective Rating - Movie

9.0/9.0 The Queen

8.5/7.0 The Prestige

7.0/7.0 Marie Antoinette

8.0/7.0 The Last King Of Scotland

8.0/6.0 Little Children

8.5/7.5 Death Of A President

9.0/8.0 Babel

8.0/9.5 The History Boys

7.0/5.5 Pan's Labyrinth︱El Laberinto Del Fauno

8.0/9.0 The Holiday

8.0/8.0 Notes On A Scandal

8.5/8.5 Casino Royale

7.5/7.0 The Fountain

9.0/9.5 Happy Feet

7.0/7.0 Curse Of The Golden Flower︱滿城盡帶黃金甲

7.5/7.0 Blood Diamond

8.0/8.0 Apocalypto

6.0/6.5 The Pursuit Of Happyness

7.5/7.5 The Painted Veil

8.0/8.0 Letters From Iwo Jima

8.0/7.5 Miss Potter

8.5/9.0 Children Of Men

9.0/8.5 Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer

7.5/7.0 The Lives Of Others︱Das Leben Der Anderen

8.0/8.5 Starter For Ten

8.0/8.0 The Namesake

8.5/7.5 300

8.0/8.5 The Valet︱La Doublure

8.0/8.0 Tell No One︱Ne Le Dis À Personne

9.0/9.0 Priceless︱Hors De Prix

9.0/9.0 Hot Fuzz

9.0/8.5 Spider-Man 3


  1. Gallivanter Says:

    You're too lenient on Spiderman 3, an overrated crap movie. I demand a recount for APOCALYPTO! :-)

  2. Cheng Chun Says:


  3. Cheng Chun Says:

    Actually none of them are below 7. So was it a good year of movies you think seba?

  4. McGarmott Says:

    gallivanter: no, people are just harsher on SM3 becoz it had such a huge promotion and surpassed all box office expectations that it seems unfair that a non-Oscar worthy blockbuster should be praised left right and center by certain groups. to juggle 3.1 villains and half a dozen subplots and come out coherent is no mean feat - witness last yr's dissatisfaction with X3.

    romeo: nolah, just that i'm naturally good at predicting what sort of movies I like and which ones i won't like. e.g., i didnt bother to watch The Departed ... it would have gotten like a 5 ... Norbit would have gotten like a 3 ... etc

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